Individualized Healthcare Education

We're An Approved Provider Of Nursing Continuing Education!

We specialize in creating content that is interactive, applicable to practice, and transforms your organization.

What We Provide

Curated education and training for healthcare professionals with assigned Continuing Education Credits for Nursing Licensure Requirements.

Tailed Orientation and Onboarding Programs

We create in-depth, company-specific orientation and onboarding programs that increase retention.

Education Materials for Clinical Competence and Compliance

Our training is aligned with accrediting body best practices and exceed industry standards.

Leadership Onboarding, Coaching and Mentoring

We provide the tools leaders need to succeed in their role and we meet your team where they are.

Why Choose Us

We target our education to the needs of your post-acute care leadership team and field clinicians. Increase education, and efficiency, and improve retention, compliance, and engagement so you can continue to grow.

  • Documentation Integrity and Survey Readiness
  • Fraud and Abuse Recognition and Reporting
  • Care Planning, Collaboration, and Communication
  • Choose The Specific Topics Your Team Needs
  • Include Nursing Continuing Education Credits

Build Personalized Education Experiences 

Instead of mindless clicking through the same generic information, we'll build intentional, interactive content that helps your team better understand their role in the organization's success and the positive outcomes their patients experience.

Virtual Platform

Build a training library of the content your team needs to most. 

Effective Methods

Group or individualized delivery based on the topic makes education easy.

Discipline Specific Tools

Develop content for each discipline's specifc practice and processes.

Added Resources and Learning Tools

Add toolkits, resources, and gamified content for improved engagement.

What Matters Most To Us

Our values direct our steps and guide how we interact with clients and deliver our services.


Excellence comes from a team that is unified in the vision set before them. Aligning towards a common goal and getting very clear on the desire outcomes.


Leaders are the key to a culture and morale that fosters excellence. Leaders need consistent education, support, and accountability to succeed. 


A byproduct of all of the efforts to achieve excellence is rapid growth. Increased census, margins, improved quality indicators, and compliance.

Upcoming Trainings and Workshops

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Top Rated Courses

Access amazing, in-depth courses including step-by-step instructions, tools and resources, continuing education credits, and much more.

Learn At Your Own Pace

From any device, any time at your convenience. Resume exactly where you left off. No limits on the number of times video lessons can be accessed.

Awesome Community

Establish a community and encourage engagement, participation, connection, and communication around the topics that matter most.